A Functional Approach to this whole body problem.

Friday 12th May 17:00 – 19:30

Cervical palpation and (cervical) muscle testing useful for this seminar.

Saturday 13th May 09:00 – 19:30 (With practical)

Protocol to follow in order to be successful in helping these patients with chiropractic.


1)Things to consider and do before touching the neck, according to the answers of the patients to the following questions and your findings.

1)Were you hit from the back?

2) Did you wear your seat belt?

3) Do you have TMJ pain?

4) Did you hit your head?

5) Do you have low back or dorsal pain?

6) Do you have any pain at your wrist, elbow, knee, or foot?

Procedures for structural problems related to whiplash patients before touching the neck.


1)    Did you see the accident coming?

2)    What was your state of mind at the moment of the accident?

3)    Are you now afraid of driving?

4)    Are you at fault?

5)    Are there attorneys and compensation claims?

Procedures for emotional problems related to whiplash patients before touching the neck.


2) Now you can start touching and fixing the neck if it still hurts.

All possible pain combinations upon cervical motion [(lateral)flexion , extension,   rotation]  and how to correct them and when and how to adjust.


Sunday 14th May 09:00 – 14:30 (With practical)

Vertigo a practical approach.


1)    How to distinguish non- treatable types of vertigo from treatable one’s with chiropractic.

2)    How to distinguish cervicogenic from  non-cervicogenic types of vertigo.

3)    What, when and how to adjust according the type of vertigo treatable with chiropractic.

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